GENRE: Psicodelia / Videoart / Stereoscopic Photography.

CURIOSITES: First Art-Experience for Utopicus Immersive Room.

RESOLUTION: 4096 x 4096p (VR Ultra Immersive)

IMAGE: 360 3D / Stereoscopic

SOUND: 360 3D / Binaural

NARRATIVE: “This experience is designed so that people can relax moments of tension / collapse or to accelerate understanding and propose solutions in their day to day. The spaces generated or engraved in the piece of VR generate a feeling so enveloping and powerful that TELE-TRANSPORT their visitors increasing our ability to feel or understand through art and technology.

The virtual reality movie was released: Utopicus Immersive Room Exhibition, Madrid & Barcelona, Spain, May 2018.


Produced by Toño Cabanelas & Zakato for Utopicus_Colonial.