The ORGAN SOUND is a tubular speaker unique in the world, with a spectacular aesthetic and an incredible history: it was invented in the 70s by Juan Portela Seijo in Santiago de Compostela and has been rebuilt in 2017 by Espadaysantacruz and Toño Cabanelas, presented in the TEK FEST 17 in Pontevedra. It was conceived to reproduce in a perfect way the sounds of music and nature, being one of the few tubular and omnidirectional speakers (almost 360) in the world. This speaker generates an acoustic sensation so immersive and orchestral that TELE-TRANSPORTS its listeners to any place.

THE ORGAN SOUND EXPERIENCE is an incredible sound experience that occurs in several secret locations in nature or in remote urban places. The result is an experience close to science fiction connecting the main AUDIO TECH TRENDS of the last decades with the SOUND ART of the last centuries. We will travel to several locations with the Organ Sound where public, artists and developers can relive the feeling of being in a cathedral in Vienna listening to Bach but in the middle of a forest or being next to Nick Cave in a tuburio of Berlin of the 80's but from a beach forget.

Produced by Toño Cabanelas & Miguel Espada