GENRE: Video Artistic Creation & Hyperrealism.

CURIOSITES: First collaborative and evolutionary work in VR made using recordings of the editions 2015 to 2018 of the spectacular and awarded Festival Sinsal in the impressive island of San Simón.

RESOLUTION: 4096 x 4096 (VR Ultra Immersive)

IMAGE: 360 3D / Stereoscopic

SOUND: 360 3D / Spatial Audio

DESCRIPTION: “An a VR experience on the Island of San Simón (Ría de Vigo), a place full of history and memory, the cradle of a culture and a window into the world. Immersive and audiovisual reflection in VR with 6 degrees of freedom in movement that understands one of the richest places in the peninsula as a kind of superimposed historical layers that interact between them to generate a unique immersive project."

The VR film was pre-released at the Sinsal Festival itself. It will remain unpublished again until its 2019 edition.


Produced by Bermudas Land & Zakato. IED 360 Fashion Films.