GENRE: Oniric hyperrealism.

CURIOSITES: First Videocreation-Fashion Film VR 3D of the world. It was recorded on an uninhabited island by a group of artists and developers collaboratively and isolated from the world.

RESOLUTION: 3840 x 2160p (VR Ready).

IMAGE: 360 3D / Stereoscopic.

SOUND: 360 3D / Binaural.

NARRATIVE: "A forest by the sea, where an enveloping melody and the disturbing sounds of nature tell us that something is going to happen, and finally it happens: a woman dressed in large clothes multiplies in many others that come to us face to face, on the sides and also on the back."

FESTIVALS: Kaleidoscope VR, 2015/16/17 San Francisco, LA, New York,London---- Inception, 2017, online, USA ---- EMC VR Film Festival, Moscow, Russia, June 2016 ---- Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival, Argentina, April 2016 ---- Medelín Fashion Film Festival, Colombia, April 2016 ---- Transmedia Espiritu Santo Festival, Murcia, Spain, April 2016 ---- Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Spain, February 2016 ---- FICOD Madrid, Spain, December 2015 ---- The VR Date - Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, October 2015 ---- Madrid Mercedes Benz Fashion Week , Spain, September 2015 ---- Sinsal Festival, Galicia, Spain, July 2015/16/17 ---- Tek Fest, Galicia, Spain Sep 2017.


Produced by Bermudas Land & Zakato. IED 360 Fashion Films.