I am an Audiovisual Engineer & Bachelor Degree in Recordings Arts from the SAE Institute and Middlesex University London, expert in digital arts and 3D computation, director of innovation labs developed for MIXED REALITY (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and teacher about Tech Trends. For more than 15 years I have designed and directed many professional projects of great impact for different companies and international organizations: Apple (4 years being Apple Certified Trainer & Creative), Samsung (3 years being Virtual Reality Official Partner), IED Madrid Research Center (8 years as Master & Degree Professor and Director), SAE Institute (4 years as Professor & Creator of EMA: Electronic Music Advanced).

In these years I have been able to collaborate with large institutions and brands such as: Madrid Fashion Week, Estrella Galicia, Inditex, Telefónica Foundation, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jaguar, Utopicus_Colonial, Okuda, BMW_MINI, Juan Duyos, Fringe Festival, Sinsal Festival, TEK Fest... specializing mainly in the design of interactive experiences based on the fusion of art, science and technology.

The most important project in which I focus my work at present is the founder and director of an Innovation Laboratory in MIXED REALITY (Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) called Bermudas Land, being one of the pioneers of this technological revolution in Europe. Bermudas is a meeting place for designers, developers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and artists. In 2016-17 we were awarded with the Samsung Innovation Project and between 2015 and 2018 several of our flagship projects such as "Fragments" became the first Spanish works selected by the prestigious North American international festival "Kaleidoscope VR". Thanks to this international festival, our work has been very successful in N.Y, San Francisco, L.A, Seoul, Mexico D.F, Berlin or London among other cities, rubbing shoulders with the 20 best VR experiences in the world.


Toño Cabanelas
Bermudas Land - Sustain Pixel - The Organ Sound Experience