2001: A FRINGE ODYSSEY (2012)


Genre: Interactive Videocreation + Sound Art Ambient - Experimental

Technique: AV Collage + own composition.

Description: Madrid, 2013. Sound, visual and interactive experiment. This "work in progress" that we advance as time passes. The objective is to generate a new experience resulting from research on art and technology. It involved jointly network programmers, audiovisual technicians, musicians and hackers to demonstrate that neither Arthur C. Clarke, author of the novel (2001: A space odyssey), nor Kubrick, author of the film, were wrong when they ventured technological hegemony of the 21st century.

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BSO + AV PERFORMANCE for fiction-show. (Projected and premiered at Festival Fringe, Casa del Lector - Matadero Madrid).

Produced by Toño Cabanelas, Daniel Ruiz-Cecconello, Sergio M. Valdivieso and Victor Bermudo.